Save time and money by using the services of one of our Barristers without having to go via a Solicitor first - less stress, less expense. We have clerks waiting to advise you how to do this and who will recommend which Barrister is best placed to help you.


Submit an enquiry form

Step 1 is to fill out and submit the appropriate enquiry form which is designed to collect as much information about your case as possible. This information will be used to help us identify the Barrister best placed to help you.


Speak to a Clerk

Having considered carefully the information in your completed enquiry form, one of our Barristers’ clerks will contact you to let you know if your case is suitable for a Barrister or whether it would be better dealt with by a Solicitor. If a Barrister can do it, then the clerk will explain how the process works, who the most appropriate Barrister for your case is and how much it will cost.


Your Client care letter

Once the appropriate Barrister has agreed in principle to represent you, you will be sent a ‘client care letter’. This will set out in detail the work you have requested the Barrister to do for you, what he will be able to do to help, and the fee the Barrister will charge to advise or represent you. These fees must be paid in full before the Barrister is permitted to start any work.


Instructing a Barrister

If you wish to go ahead and ‘instruct’ the Barrister you will sign and return the client care letter to us. Once payment has been received your Barrister will start working for you. Payment can be made by debit card, by credit card (for which there is a 2.05% charge) or by cheque (which must have cleared before work can begin).