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Save time and money by using the services of one of our Barristers without having to go via a Solicitor first - less stress, less expense. We have clerks waiting to advise you how to do this and who will recommend which Barrister is best placed to help you.


Why use us

A barrister is able to provide the following services to you – drafting documents, giving written and oral advice as well as providing advocacy services in courts, tribunals, arbitrations, mediations and any other situation where you are permitted to have someone speak on your behalf. All this and you will also save on the costs of using a solicitor.

What we can and cannot do

There are limits on what services our barristers can provide and how we can provide them.

We will help you to decide if this is the best route for you  and understand how this way of accessing legal services works. We are committed to providing clients with a service that is swift, efficient and user- friendly.

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Make an Enquiry

Upon receiving this enquiry form a clerk will contact you within 2 working days to discuss your case in further detail. Please see our 4 steps outlining the process of instructing a Barrister with Barrister For Me.